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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

catch up

day 6 :: a photo from a low angle

day 7 :: a photo with a silhouette

day 8 :: a close up of something

day 9 :: a photo from far away

day 10 :: a photo of what ever you wish

day 11 :: a black and white photo

day 12 :: a photo experimenting with bokeh

day 13 :: a photo using an edit that you like

day 14 :: a close up of an eye

day 15 :: a close up of what ever you like

day 16 :: a photo experimenting with trail lights

day 17 :: a photo of street lights ... I though the light on the ferry in Dawson City was more interesting.

day 18 :: a photo depicting an emotion ... bliss

day 19 :: a photo of a landscape

day 20 :: a phpto of the sunset ... we don't get a sunset in the height of the summer and I'm not staying up until 2 am to see it. This was taken at 11:15 pm I think.

day 21 :: a photo of what ever you wish ... my sweetie pie

day 22 :: a photo of the one you love ... I chose the ones I love. My 2 guys.

Oh I'm so so bad for not updating my June photo challenge. Believe me, I've been doing it, I just took a break from updating it here.
You know, if anything this challenge has been a good exercise for me because it has helped me to be more mindful of the everyday beauty that is around me and that I can find small ways to be creative in my day to day life. This is something that is a summer goal for me, to be more creative.
And so here we are updated all the way from day 6 to day 22. I'm still working away on it and will post my last few photos in a week or so when I am done.
Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Wonderful images. Perfectly summer.

  2. Thanks Dani! Hope it wasn't overload. I'm bad at staying on top of things.

  3. Jo! {can I call you Jo?} I love your new banner. So summery and gorgeous! All these photos are fab. I could look at them all day...

  4. Thanks Erin and yes you can call me Jo xox I'd love for you to call me Jo!


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