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Friday, May 6, 2011

fresh air, sun and a beach...feelin' good!

After months and months of cold and dark and staying inside we are now officially trail trekin', beach lovin', tree huggin' peeps! It's Spring here in the Yukon and a new feeling of being alive seems to be running through everyone's blood.
Today was the perfect mix of adventure, spontaneity and fun. A few quick emails to my friends, a dash to the grocery store to pick up some picnic staple (salt and vinegar chips are a must!), and 3 car loads of kids, blankets, beach toys and food and we were ready to go.
Off to Long Lake we went. A lake about 10 mins outside of town. The weather was on the cool side, but after months of minus forty, 10 degrees in the sun felt like summer! We walked down the path, dropped all our gear and the kids took off to play in the partially still frozen lake.
The rest of the morning was spent eating, talking, laughing, taking pictures and relaxing in the sun. Winslow had the day off from work so he joined us. It was so nice to have him come along and he got right in there, building sandcastles with the little one. It was so sweet. Noah got quite wet while playing in the water, so him and I snuggled close in a blanket, which was so lovely for me. I love snuggling with my boy!
I honestly just loved this morning so much. Great food, gorgeous surroundings, good company, you can't ask for more can you?
On the way home Noah fell fast asleep in the car and stayed asleep until 4 in the afternoon. He was exhausted from all the play, sun and fresh air and I was too. He and I took a nap together, resting from all the fun we had.
Hope you have a great weekend dear friends. I'll be back to wish all of you mammas out there a very happy Mother's Day on Sunday.


  1. I didn't want to say anything at the time to call attention to it, but I so noticed the beautiful, peaceful moments you and Noah were all snuggled up together on the blanket in the sun, how precious!


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