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Saturday, April 16, 2011

summer dreamin'

Around here we are dreaming of summer and all the beautiful parts of it. This past week Noah and I did some planting of tomatoes, beans, zucchini and carrots and now they are sitting in our window sill waiting to grow.
Gardening is one thing that I have wanted to do for a very long time but have been afraid to do so. I come from a family of expert gardeners. My mom has always had the most beautiful gardens with tons of herbs, wild flowers and vegetables. And my sisters tell me that our Italian Grandma had magical gardening powers, growing fruit and vegetables all summer long.
So it would seem that I should be able to carry on the torch right? You would think so, but something has been scaring me off. I think it's fear of failure. But I put that fear aside so that Noah and I could do something together, grow our own food.
I've heard it said many many times. If you want your children to appreciate healthy food, get them involved in preparing it, and what better way than to grow your own food? I have fond memories of eating just picked, home grown, sun warmed tomatoes on my back porch with a shaker of salt. I want that for Noah. I want that for us.
So well see how it goes. I'm not putting any pressure on our gardening project ( we have a few things against us already, like the climate for instance) , but I plan on sticking it through and having Noah help take care of our little garden.
And how about you? Do you plan on growing any particular foods this year? Are you a seasoned gardener or a newbie like me? I'd love to hear about your experience.


  1. My parents always had two gardens. Every year they would change them, sometimes we'd have a corn and vegetable (actually we always have a vegetable), but sometimes we grew some fruit.


  2. When we lived in the NWT I did container gardening and loved it! Then I have grown nothing during our time in Nunavut and here in the Yukon. We are doing a heap of landscaping and I have promised my husband that I will not garden for another couple of years. However, I found this awesome tutorial that I just might have to try this year. It is just for flowers, so I don't think it counts as gardening, right? :)

  3. Good luck Jo! We'll try this out together!

  4. I've tried gardening before, but unfortunately for me I just don't have a green thumb. But I wish I could!

  5. My hubby is an amazing gardener. Every year we have peas and tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and carrots, and we always try for pumpkins too {but so far, no luck!} We grown loads of lettuces and herbs too, which makes for delicious salads. He gets our boys to help him plant the seeds in their little pots, and then transplants them to the garden when the days are warm enough. I love being outside in the yard in the summer, and grabbing a handful of cherry tomatoes straight off the vine! And the boys eat the peas right out of the pods.

    I hope it works out well for you. It's so much fun, and nothing tastes so good as fresh food grown in your own garden. Good luck! Bon appetit!

  6. Our little strawberry patch is coming back. I even saw a few blossoms out there. I covered them up with plastic tarps today though with more snow on the way. I hope they make it. We'll have another little bed with cucumbers, herbs, sugar snap peas, and some green beans. Cherry tomatoes are a favorite too. I'm quite the novice myself! Nice to dream of summer's bounty isn't it?!


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