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Friday, March 25, 2011

touch down

Hi? Is anyone still there? If so, hi!
I say that jokingly, but feel a bit guilty for being so absent lately. Life as a traveling mom of a toddler is busy, that's for sure. Some day it may all slow down, but when?
We touched down in Ottawa late last night. 1:30 AM to be exact and I'm proud to report that Noah was a complete angel the whole 8 hrs trip from Whitehorse to Vancouver and then to Ottawa. We are tired that's for sure, but of course it is nice to be home.
Tomorrow is the big day, my best friend's wedding. Amy is marrying the wonderful and sweet Anthony and I am so excited! Here is a picture I took of them for their engagement session.

So that's it for now dear friends. I'll be back soon with details of the magical day, but before I go, here are a few pictures of Noah occupying himself in the Vancouver airport. I found a nice empty spot for us to sprawl out in and then I gave him a little present to unwrap for being such a good boy, a little hot wheels car. He truly was an amazing little boy on our trip. I'm so grateful!


  1. ahhh, he is so cute with his little hot wheels. Welcome to the world of a little boy toddler and their fascination with little toy cars. So happy he was a good boy for you but was there any doubt? That's Noah!!

  2. Good Luck at the wedding johanna, I know your photos will be gorgeous, even if you cant see through the happy tears in your eyes..cant wait to see the results!


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