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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bonjour, aurevoir!

A little rainbow cake (made by my friend, the super dad, Jeff) to keep us all going through this week.
I hope you are all having a lovely week dear friends.
Tomorrow I board a plane with Noah and a million other carry on things as we make our way to Ottawa. We are going there for just over two weeks and I am so very excited for it!
Did I tell you that my best friend Amy is getting married? It's true. Hard to believe that we were once little munchkins running around my backyard fighting for, err I mean, looking for Easter eggs in the annual Easter egg hunt. And now, we are both living our lives as full grown adults, doing adult things like working and raising families and making cozy homes and dealing with the ups and downs of adulthood. It's going to be a fantastic day on Saturday and I have the honour of taking her pictures, so expect to see some lovely wedding photos next week!
Also while in Ottawa I get to see all my wonderful in-laws, my sisters, Dad, Heddy (step-mom) and most importantly my adorable niece and nephews, yipee!!!! I think that being so far away from my family has to be hands down the hardest part about living this far away. Sigh. It just reminds me to make the most of the time that I have with them.
So farewell for now dear friends. I'll be back next week with some lovely pictures from our trip and from the wedding.
I hope that Spring is coming your way.


  1. Wow, what an amazing rainbow cake! Just what you need to help you through that neverending Yukon winter!

    Hope you have the greatest time in Ottawa!!!

  2. Oh, YUM! I've been wanting to make a rainbow cake for months, but it seems like so much to tackle for a baking novice like me.

    Have the best time in excited to see the wedding photos! :)

  3. Have a great trip and enjoy every moment with your family and friends!


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