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Monday, March 7, 2011

on my mind on monday

My boy is on the mend and I'm just hoping that we can get back to life as usual. He's not 100% better but he is getting there. Being sick is no fun. Taking care of a sick boy is no fun either. Being stuck inside because of being sick is definitely not fun. Spring, please come to us soon! Oh please
Yesterday I had a photo session with a newborn and my heart, oh my heart melted at the sight of her. So tiny and so beautiful. I'm thinking we may need to get going on our next little one sooner rather than later ;o)
On my way to the session I got to take the most beautiful drive. All by myself. The sun was so strong and the mountains were so striking with all the snow on them. I really enjoyed that drive all by myself. It gave me some time to think about my life right now and how I really am on one amazing adventure. I really enjoyed my time alone and think I should do it more often.
And that's about it right now. Life is good but ever changing. In a few weeks I will be hopping a plane for Ottawa once again. My dearest and oldest best friend is getting married and I get to be the photographer for the big day. I'm getting very excited for it and am also getting excited for my great escape from the cold North. Hopefully when I return it will be warmer here.
So I hope you are all well dear friends. Happy Monday and all that jazz.
ps. Here is a picture from yesterday's session. I have stopped posting updates of my photo sessions here on my personal blog, but if you are ever interested in following what I do please check out my Facebook group.


  1. lovely photo:). poor little noah- i'm glad he's starting to feel better:(. It's no fun being a sick little one, but i'm sure his mama is giving him extra hugs & kisses:).


  2. That a great shot, Johanna! I hope little Noah feels better soon. Ugh. No fun being sick- for all parties. Take care!

  3. yes, get started sooner then later

  4. My baby induced meltyness is on the rise right now and my baby is only 8 months!


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