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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february 2nd i love...

Today I am loving playtime with Noah. I am loving his unstoppable need to play, to move, to imagine and to have fun. This morning he got quite a kick out of his sand pail turned hat. He though it was the best thing ever. I thought he was the sweetest boy ever.
Yesterday afternoon we romped around the park, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Noah fell to his knees in the snow, swung on the swing (yes even in the winter) and slid down the slide. It was a thrill for me to see him play. It was even cuter when he threw a fit when we had to leave (well kinda cute). He was loving every minute of it.
So today I am loving playtime.
Feel free to join in on the February I love Series, originally thought up by Kerry at Young Ones.
Oh and you know what Noah is saying in the first picture? "cheeeeeese"!
Yep, he learnt that word over the holidays. It happens to be a favourite snack of his these days. He also says it for photos. He's my cutie!


  1. so adorable! i miss you guys x0x0

  2. How could you not love that sweet face?!?

    And I love my home as well. Each day I am thankful for that.

  3. Noah is such a sweetheart! I want to give him a big hug but I'll restrain myself since he doesn't know me at all :) Thanks, Johanna, for the wonderful comment on my blog!


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