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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sweets for my sweet a giveaway

So yes...a little unknown fact about me...I love Valentine's Day.
It wasn't always the case though. I used to hate it when I was single...but ever since my hubby came along I changed my tune about the holiday.
For some reason I like all the romantic cheesiness of it all. Paper hearts, Valentine cards, romantic dinners, roses... I'm a nerd for Valentine's Day.
Last year I discovered these delicious little Valentine candies at our grocery chain store here in Ottawa. I bought myself a pack and enjoyed the all the varieties... chocolate mints, chocolate covered raisins, jelly hearts and mallow candies. Oh so sweet. And I thought they were pretty enough to take some photos of them.
I enjoyed them so much that I decided that this year, I would buy an extra pack and do a give away....and is a quick little giveaway. From me to one of you.
All you have to do is tell me one thing that you do to celebrate Valentine's Day and I will pick a random winner by the weekend. Simple as that.
So happy lead up to Valentine's Day dear friends.


  1. Mmm...I'm not much of a Valentine's day lover. Can I still win?!:) We make heart cut out cookies and homemade valentines. So I guess we're not that bad.

  2. hahahahaha at not loving it when you were single. i think if + when i get a boyfriend, i'd appreciate the holiday all the more!!

  3. Well, I always ALWAYS make red velvet cupcakes with raspberry-cream cheese frosting (red & pink) for my Southern partner!

  4. I love Valentine's Day too. Love making cards with paper doilies! As for tradition... My kids and I always make a Valentine tree. It's a big branch from our garden (from about 5 years ago) that we stick in a vase full of cinnamon hearts. We make loads of little paper hearts and clip them on with tiny clothes pegs. On Valentine's Day we usually have a tea party with heart shaped sandwiches and cookies, pink lemonade (and sometimes pink milk!) and other little treats- the Valentine tree sits in the middle of the table as decoration.

    Ooh, I'm excited now just thinking about it!

  5. Homemade valentines are a must. This year I'm also planning on special chocolate heart cookies from a recipe of my mom's. (I promise to share it!)

  6. Oh, yay! I adore Valentines Day, too. I think once you get a steady honey, you look forward to it so much more. When I was single, I was more apt to bust out the voodoo dolls than make cookies or anything like that. :)

    Now, no V-day is complete without making some sort of Valentines day wallhanging. This year I made a really cute set of heart garlands. Last year I was lazy and just taped paper hearts all over the walls. Lame, but it happened. :)

  7. When I was growing up, my family always made a heart-shaped chocolate cake with sticky pink icing on Valentine's Day. Now I do the same with my own little family.

  8. In University, I decided to attach Valentine's Day at a different angel of love. My roomie and I used to buy each other a heart shaped box of chocolates, go for a fake tan (my sun-sensible-self now is horrified) and watch Bridget! I also started sending all my girlfriends Valentines across the country and globe. International Friendship Day!! Valentine's doesn't have the same shine it used to since I'm now allergic to chocolate and I can't find cinnamon hearts or sweethearts in NZ to save myself!

  9. We celebrate by exchanging gifts and making dinner together ♥

  10. i'm really looking forward to valentine's day this year. it's the first year that my husband and i will get to celebrate a married valentine's day :) i'm going to decorate the house with martha's wax hearts and make my own cards. am crafting this week, so it should be fun!


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