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Friday, January 7, 2011

friday I'm in love

Happy Friday dear friends. I'm feeling the love today...the only thing that would make it better would be to have my hubby here with us in Ottawa but we are very much enjoying our time here and know that we will be back in Whitehorse all too soon.
Today is a great day. We are going to visit with my sister and then tonight I am going out for a real girl's's been a long time I tell you. Today is such a great day that I think it requires a love list. Yes. Love lists should happen more don't you think?

Friday I'm in love with....
  • sweet boys who wear amber necklaces
  • crazy family dinners with lots of little ones running around
  • taking it slow and not going anywhere
  • the familiar Ottawa winter snow
  • looking forward to an upcoming Montreal visit..yay
  • the long long lashes of my sleeping prince
  • moving forward with a new year


  1. Johanna, your new blog header is so beautiful!

    And your little precious and sweet. You must be so in love!


  2. He's looking more toddler and less baby!?! Crazy!

  3. You deserve a girls night out!! I hope you have lots of fun! xo

  4. He looks like such a rock star waking up in bed with bedhead and last night's necklace still on!

  5. such beautiful photos of a sweet boy - I am in love too with a quiet evening and my boy now 18 home from a friends house and an overnite he had there.

  6. i'm sitting here in my condo looking over the experimental farm, beautiful snowy wonderland today.


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