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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and then there was the drive home

Align RightThe drive home from Montreal started out pretty good.
Before I hit the road, a stop by Schwartz's for a Montreal smoked meat sandwich was on the to-do list. Surprisingly, it wasn't too busy and I got my order in seconds. A delicious sandwich, the most to die for fries and two juicy and sour pickles....heaven!
But after that it all went down hill. Without going into too many disgusting details lets just say that Noah decided or rather had no control and made a huge mess of himself and the car. An explosive diaper and guy came down with something bad and it wasn't a pretty scene.
There I was with a naked, poopy and pukey baby in a running car on St. Laurent Street. Classy...yep.
I had no clean clothes left, so Noah got back into his jammies from the night before, got as comfy as he could and then bless his heart went to sleep for the entire drive home.
It was a long drive and I could barely keep my eyes open.
I passed about 3 Tim Horton's and debated a stop, but I was afraid of Noah waking up and just wanted to get home as fast as I could.
2 hours later we were home and into a bath and then clean clothes....and that is the story of our not so exciting trip home. The picture of me in the car is just after the explosive diaper and puke incident. I'm telling you it was bad.


  1. Man I have been there! Terrible when you are driving and it comes out of both ends. So glad you two made it home ok!

    Loved seeing the trip pics.

    Kathleen xx

  2. Oh the poor little bunny. Poor YOU too.

  3. I feel for you!

    The summer before last we did a bigger road trip that we normally do. We went from the Yukon, over to the NWT, then down into AB and up through BC to see my family and finally home- over 6000km. Hunter kept getting car sick... repeatedly. I have no clue how many times he threw up over those 6000km, but our truck has never smelled the same since.

    Glad yours was just a short trip, although I bet it seemed to take forever for you!

  4. Oh man! Poor Noah!! And Poor Mama. Hugs and Love!

  5. Oh, oh, no!! Yuck! So sorry. Sometimes trips can go so well and sometimes not so much, eh?!

  6. schwartz's ah.
    sick kiddos on a trip bummer...that happen to my son one time but on an airplane...with no spare clothes and 2 kids and no husband with me. nightmare.

  7. Glad you guys are home and better and CLEAN! Sorry 'bout the yucky drive home.

  8. Oh this post made me laugh! And your face says it all. We've been there, commuting between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I remember one late night drive, in a snowstorm, Troy twisting backwards to deal with a wet toddler (and his wet carseat) who had peed himself in his sleep, trying not to wake the baby, and all I was supposed to do was 'just keep driving' so we could just get there! We've had a few naked passengers too. :)


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