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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

25 winter activities to do that don't cost very much

It's become a bit of a tradition for me to come up with seasonal activity lists. Click on the highlighted links for my summer and autumn editions.
So to celebrate the often long and drawn out season of winter, I thought I'd make a list of fun activities to do on a wintery day...I hope you enjoy them.

01. Go on a winter walk. Listen to the sound of quiet. Listen to your foot steps. Listen for birds.
02. On a warmer winter day go on a winter picnic. Bring a sled or toboggan to sit on. Bring a warm lunch like soup or chili in a thermos. Eat outdoors.
03. If it's too cold outside for a picnic, have an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket on the floor. Checkered table cloth and picnic basket are optional.
04. Host a skating party. Skate on am outdoor rink or a cleared off pond.
05. Drink hot chocolate on any occasion that calls for it. Make sure to have marshmallows with it.
06. Shovel the drive way. Its a work out in itself.
07. Organize a sledding/toboggan party. Have everyone back to your place for chili or split pea soup afterwards.
08. Invite the girls over for a craft night. Decide before hand on one or two crafts that you will make. Prepare yourself by collecting all the supplies that you will need. Drinks and appies are always fun to have on hand.
09. Make mulled apple cider as often as you can.
10. Fill the home with a homemade potpourri. In a sauce pan, simmer 3 cups of water, 2 cinnamon sticks, a dash or two of nutmeg and the peel of an orange. The house will begin to smell delicious. Keep replenishing the water.
11. For Valentine's Day, cut out hearts from scrap book paper. Hang them in your window from fishing line.
12. Cut out paper snowflakes. Tape them in your window.
13. Light candles when ever you need a bit more light in your day.
14. Get outside. Go for a snow shoe (if you have snow in your area). Make snow angels.
15. Look for winter festivals in your area and attend one.
16. Knit yourself a new scarf.
17. Put out birdseed for feathered friends.
18. On a day where you need an activity, make edible playdoh and have fun shaping and eating it.
19. Have a Valentine's Tea Party with your girlfriends. Have different kinds of tea on hand with fancy sandwiches, scones and squares. Use your best china.
20. Have an outdoor winter camp fire. Bring marshmallows and chairs to sit on.
21. On a cold clear night go out and look at the stars. So pretty.
22. Build a fort with your little one or your loved one. Read books and eat treats.
23. Bake cookies. The perfect way to take up an afternoon.
24. For an instant tropical escape go to a local tropical green house and sit inside. Breathe in the moist air.
25. When desperate for the summer, turn up the heat a bit, make a pina colada, listen to surfer tunes and imagine that you are in Hawaii.


  1. I LOOOOOVE when you make up lists like these!!

  2. I love the reminders of what I can do in the Winter, especially on days when I am thinking if the I can'ts.

    Sending thanks and love! K

  3. This is a nice and fun list!:D

    The 2nd picture is too cute, btw.

    ***** Marie *****

  4. This is a fantastic list! I'm checking out your others as well. Even in non-snowy Houston many of these ideas will apply.

    Thanks mucho!

  5. great list. we did the winter walk the other night. beautiful.

  6. 16. am working on it right now.

    25. made me laugh out loud. what a funny silly little idea. :)

  7. Thank you for this! I needed this list tonight... January blues have me in their grip, and I need to fight them off.

  8. Great list. I've been doing monthly lists as to what I"m looking forward to doing each month - it does help me look on the bright side of some of the duller months.


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