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Sunday, December 12, 2010

deck the halls

I've been spending the last week getting our home ready for Christmas. We have a funny story about our tree. You see, Winslow went out and bought us a real tree and it was frightfully overpriced I might add, only to bring it home and have Noah and I be extremely allergic to it. We tried to live with it for a few days, but our eyes were red and puffy and our noses runny and gross. Not really how one would want to spend their holidays. And so right now the lovely tree (which hails from Oregon) sits out on our back deck, fitting into it's surroundings and collecting snow. A shame, really.
But aside from that little episode, the decorations have come out and the artificial tree is up (and looks pretty good I should say).
The Christmas lights are twinkling, the candles are burning and the cards are clothes-pinned onto a string that goes across our living room window. It's pretty and Christmasy but not too over the top. And that's my motto this Christmas, "enough but not too much" or "less is more".
Hope your home is cozy and warm for you and yours. Happy Monday.


  1. I love the bokeh affect that you got out of your Christmas lights, Johanna! Bummer about the allergies, too! I bet it's hard to realize that you wouldn't be able to have a real tree. But, I bet you two will take lots of pretty pictures of evergreens on your walks together. :)

  2. gangya told me about your allergy -- that's so weird??? too bad. but hey, now you don't have to hmm and haw about it every year, you can stick with your artificial tree and decision is made!
    cute advent house, btw!

  3. I really adore your advent calendar! <3

  4. Canuck gals- the advent calendar came from the Real Canadian Super Store.

  5. Sounds like you will have a fun holiday story to tell your kids about the time daddy got a real tree!!

  6. love your photos! they are so great! what camera do you have?

  7. hi linsey...
    thanks for the sweet comments.
    i shoot with a nikon D90 and i have several lenses that i like to use.


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