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Saturday, December 25, 2010

all is calm, all is bright Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Day has come and gone and I am sitting here in my quiet living room, taking it all in.
The tree is lit and Noah is fast asleep on the couch next to me. My mind is onto the next big thing, our trip home to Ottawa that happens tomorrow morning but I am trying to tell myself to take it easy and enjoy this quiet time...reflect on the day and the fabulous time that we had with one another.
Last night we went to the 7 o'clock church service at our church. It was the children's pageant. Noah and his little buddy Jack went wild at the service. Rolling around on the ground, climbing up and down the stairs, it was as though I had just given Noah a giant chocolate bar for dinner (which I hadn't)...he was just so excited.
Winslow came to join us at church even though he was on duty. It was quite cute to see him in his uniform. I had to ask our friend to get a photo of us just to remember the night.
After church Winslow went back to work and I invited a few friends over for appies and drinks. It was the perfect way to celebrate the night. Oh and Noah got to open up one gift, a pair of Christmas jammies, quite cute I must say.
Soon when we went to bed, Santa made his appearance and put some presents under the tree. I of course missed him because I had passed out down stairs from all the excitement and celebration. Drats, maybe I'll catch a glimpse of him next year.
In the morning, Winslow got home from work bright and early and managed to get a bit of sleep. We all took our time getting up and stayed in bed till 9 am. When we finally came upstairs, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw what Santa had left us. I especially love the groggy look on Noah's face when he sees all the presents before him.
We opened our gifts, tons of books, puppets, little bendy animalz and wooden toys for Noah. A bread maker, a favourite childhood book, and some Lush stuff for me. Some new cds, camping gear, chocolates and some fishing gear for Winslow. Wow- were we ever lucky!
We then did breakfast- smoked salmon eggs benny with bacon on the side and fresh fruit- yum!
And then the boys relaxed while I made some phone calls to family far was a lovely day.
A short walk and sleigh ride in the afternoon, visits to friends houses, delicious dinners of turkey and ham....and now it is time for lights out.
I hope that you all had a memorable and magical Christmas dear friends.
Tomorrow I will be on a plane, heading back to Ottawa with my little Noah so that we can visit our family and friends. Winslow unfortunately has to stay back and work and boy are we going to miss him, it's going to be a whole month!
I'll check in from Ottawa!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas! I'm so glad. Have a wonderful trip in Ottawa! xo

  2. Christmas looked lovely. I especially like that photo of Noah asleep on the sofa.....ah a sleeping child.

    Have a wonderful time in Ottawa with your family.

  3. thank you so much ladies!!!! xoxo

  4. I love the shot you took of Main street late at night deserted!


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