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Monday, November 22, 2010

weekend round up!

Do you ever look at the clock at one point in the day and then look at it again only to see that hours have slipped by and you don't remember much of it. I'm not sure whether it's a sign of getting older or if it's the result of having a really good time...either sure does seem to be slipping by quickly these days.
This past weekend was what can only be described as awesome!
After months and months of anticipation this weekend was the Spruce Bog (the Yukon's largest Christmas craft fair) and Birds in a Wire participated in it by selling prints of my photos, art, cards and postcards.
It was a high energy day where I got to meet and greet with a steady stream of people coming by our table (some were new faces, others were familiar). Not only did I have fun talking about my art and photography, but I also had a chance to get the word out on my photography services, which was a great bonus!
The day was busy and I had two of my very good friends, Carol-Ann and Sarah there to help me out by talking to customers, selling and setting up/tearing down for the day. I also had a ton of help from my amazing sweetie of a husband who helped do everything from package my work, to set up my stand, to watch Noah and more. Also my good friends Leanne and Jeff helped me by getting my table and stock ready so that it looked nice and beautiful! Thank you so much to all my friends who helped me along the way, whether it was helping me organize or even just an encouraging word- it wouldn't have happened with out you guys!
And on top of a successful day at the Spruce Bog, I also had the chance to do two photo sessions on Sunday with two amazing families! Let's just say that snow and little adorable kids make awesome photos~ yay!
Also on Sunday it was Jeff and Leanne's daughter's birthday. EveyB's 3rd birthday! Happy birthday Evey! Your party rocked!
So all in all it was definitely a busy but fun filled weekend. Today is going to be all about unwinding and tidying up my neglected home. I'm actually getting more and more excited to decorate for Christmas but have told myself that the house must be clean before any of the decorations are hulled out. I'm also planning on heading out with Winslow and Noah onto the trails at some point today for some winter wonderland fun.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and that it was filled with fun times. Have a great start to the week!
ps. and finally I can announce that (by the end of today) I will be selling prints of my paintings on my etsy shop (for a limited time) like the one's you see above in the photos. They come signed, matted and packaged in a nice cellophane envelope with a little artist's bio attached. Hope you like them!


  1. Hi Johanna, Your work is really lovely.

    I wnted ot let you know that the gorgeous card you sent me has gone off to England to an old lady whose friend had contacted me on her behalf. Apparently, her mother was my granny's nanny and this lady knew my Granny and wanted to contact someone in her family, which turned out to be me. The friend asked if I could write to her as it would make her day. So I thought why not make it even more special with your card. I know she will love it.

  2. excellent. the move to the yukon is panning out just as you would hope.
    no pun intended.

  3. What a successful show! Your table looks amazing. Hope you did well in sales. Such a great way to promote your business! Can't wait to see what new goodies will be on Etsy. :)

  4. how awesome, johanna! and glad that you have some of your paintings up, too. mmm...:)

  5. The business news is so exciting. I bet you're completely overwhelmed by everything working out so swimmingly!

    Great news, Johannah!

  6. Great stand and paintings look fantastic. Bunting looks bright and seasonal. This should raise your profile in Whitehorse area.


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