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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 38

Desiree: Busy schedules & strange work hours can often make finding time for date night a little difficult, but every now and again, we find ourselves on an accidental date. On this particular occasion we were running a few errands downtown -- nothing special -- and decided to grab a bite to eat. It's only when we're both seated, sipping our drinks that we realize it -- we're alone and together and it's wonderful. It's hard to remember to find time for each other at times, but moments like this can really make up for it.
Johanna: As a continuation from my attempts to stay organized and make healthy meals I have been spending lots of time with these books lately. There's something about the winter that makes me want to stay in more and enjoy our cozy little home. Reading books, getting ideas and creating a comforting home are all things that I am loving these days.

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