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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 35

Desiree (left): Can you feel that? The weather is getting cooler here, though some days are still being treated to sunny afternoons. I think the snows will reach us soon, but first, I can't wait for Halloween. This will be Gretchen's first year of trick-or-treating and I know she's going to get a kick out of walking all around with the other kiddos, dressed up in their fun costumes. This mama's also looking forward to nibbling on some peanut butter cups.

Johanna (right): Over the past 3 days I have taken some photography workshops and have been having quite a lot of fun with it. I'm just starting to really delve into the technical exploration of photography and am getting really hooked on all the neat stuff that can be done with it.
For this photo we all went out a dusk and were trying to take twilight photos. It was getting pretty dark, so I put my camera on a tripod, exposed the picture for about 20-30 seconds used a 22 fstop and put my ISO at 200. The effect that I was trying to achieve was a smooth, milky looking water with multiple images of myself in the picture.


  1. you are so talented....your photography is just the pictures of the little children in the masks too...darling

    happy to visit you always


  2. I look forward to Tuesday's for these posts. By the Way Johanna, that is a perfect picture for the Halloween season, it's spooky!! I think you achieved your goal


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