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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mail swap!

I just received a comment here on my blog from the recipient of a mail swap that I participated in recently so that means I have the go-ahead to post what I sent her! Yay!
This particular mail swap was hosted by Nadia from La Porte Rouge (such amazing images on her blog) and I was so excited to participate.
We were asked to include a postcard or photo, a favourite book, a favourite quote, and a little something for my package I included a set of my freshly printed postcards (which will be in the shop soon), the book Red is Best, my favourite quote, a pewter seashell and a recipe for pumpkin muffins.

Favourite Quote:

With beauty before me, I walk.
With beauty behind me, I walk.
With beauty above me, I walk.
With beauty below me, I walk.
With beauty all around me, I walk.

This is my favourite quote because it reminds me to take in the beauty of the world (the natural world especially) around me. It reminds me that I am small and in relation to the grandness of the earth, I should be humble and thankful. It also lends itself to my new found appreciation of the beauty of the Yukon.

Yay for receiving mail! Have you received anything good in the mail lately?



  1. What a lovely quote and a fun swap! Yesterday my kiddos got a fun Halloween package with cards and packages of stickers from my aunt. Mail rocks!

  2. I've had a few lovely letters and a beautiful print I won in a blog giveaway. Also got a letter from one of my favourite friends that looked like it had been half chewed up by a dog or something! It was in a plastic bag from Canada Post with a note apologizing, because it had been "damaged in the mail system"... I've been trying to decipher it, but it's quite difficult! Hope it doesn't happen again.


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