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Friday, October 29, 2010

today I will...

Today I will create something for my little one, a beautiful owl Halloween costume.
Today I will wish my dear sister a happy birthday and let her know how thankful I am to have her in my life and how much I love her.
Today I will send something off in the mail to one very special momma to be, who I love very much.
Today I will sip coffee in a coffee shop, alone, and just focus on my own thoughts, with no distractions.
Today I will call someone special, someone who I call my Ganya (Grandmother) just to talk and hear what's new in her life.
Today I will play with my child. I will watch him take in the world around him. I will listen for his sweet laughs and shrieks.
Today I will take a walk outside and will breathe in deeply the fresh cold air.
Today I will be in the now. I will consciously try to take advantage of each moment, I will be thankful for the gift of today.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! I love this post!

  2. Today I am wishing you a great day!! XO

  3. So glad. Have a wonderful weekend, Johanna, with your sweet owl!

  4. Hi Johanna! I didn't realize, when I commented on the FB "Note", that it was a feed from your blog. What a lovely post, and what a lovely blog you have. I particularly enjoyed the soup kitchen post. :)


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