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Thursday, October 7, 2010

beautiful baby Jack

When my dear friend Allison asked me to take photos of her precious newborn son and herself, I couldn't have been more excited. I felt honoured that she had asked me to take their photos and I wanted them to be special. I wanted those photos to display the special bond that Alli has with her beautiful son Jack and I wanted to capture that amazingly positive energy that a little bitty baby gives off.
So very early on a Sunday morning, I met Allison and her family at their hotel room and we did a little impromptu photo session. The light wasn't perfect (actually there wasn't any light until the very end) but I'm still very happy with how they turned out.

What a sweet little baby you are Jack! Welcome to the world!


  1. So cute. What a sweet little baby!

  2. LOVE these photos. The lighting is perfect!


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