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Friday, September 17, 2010

oh weekend, I love you

Happy Friday tout la monde! Are you as excited as I am for the weekend?
I'm just about on cloud nine and really looking forward for what's to come this weekend- so many wonderful things are planned!
Autumn is at it's peek here in the Yukon and the colours are still amazing! The trees are a beautiful golden colour and the fireweed is making the mountains look as though they are on fire! I have 3 photo sessions booked this weekend and just know that they will be perfect autumn photo sessions. I'm very excited for the shoots as they are all going to take place outside of Whitehorse. So on top of the photos, I also get to do a scenic drive.
What else is on our agenda? Well Noah starts his swimming classes tomorrow....I can't believe my little boy is actually signed up for an activity. Not just the library or Mother Goose, but an actual class of some type...he really is growing up.
I'm going to also continue to work on my crafting this weekend. I'm in the midst of getting things together for the Christmas craft shows that I am in...lot's to do before then!
And also we also have a dinner date with some friends on Sunday and I'm planning on making an apple pie to take! Can't wait for that!
Wowie! What a jam packed weekend ahead! How about you? Any special plans for your weekend?
Hope it is a special one dear friends!
I'm leaving you with some photos I took yesterday at the Whitehorse Fireweed Farmer's Market. It was the last one of the season and we met up with our friends Leanne, Evey and Sunny (her daughters)....aren't they adorable?
Also just for fun ... my friend
Desiree has a fun Fawned Friday up this week and she featured me in it a few times....what a deer (sorry I had to).


  1. lovely photos! happy weekend to you!

  2. Swimming lessons, how fun! I plan to stay in all weekend and relax. Maybe even catch up on my reads for class.


  3. The fire looks is actually probably coming from the underbrush, like cranberry bushes. They turn a bright red in the fall whereas the fireweed has already turned nearly empty stalks. Gorgeous eh!

    My weekend is going to be full of making more cranberry jelly, banana bread, playing with the boys all while the husband has ditched me to go hunting! Booo! Only another week before my mother arrives to watch the boys so I can get out hunting too.

    Have a great busy weekend!

  4. Haha, awe thanks <3

    And I LOVE that view that you have all around you -- my gosh it must be gorgeous there 24/7!

  5. i love how well you are settling into your new northern home. you have such a great positive attitude!! noah is a lucky boy.


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