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Thursday, September 16, 2010

lunch box adventures

One of my favourite things to eat is a mixed plate of goodies like this one. I usually look in my fridge and try to grab an assortment of veggies, fruits, cheeses, crackers and olives if I'm lucky. This particular lunch included....
  • homemade hummus
  • animal crackers (tortillas cut up with cookie cutters, brushed with olive oil and lightly salted with sea salt and then baked)
  • carrots and sugar snap peas
  • grapes and pear
  • cheddar cheese and olives


  1. i love your lunchbox adventures!

  2. I want lunch at your house! Can I drop the kids off?!:)

  3. So cool! I am totally going to buy some fun cookie cutters! What a neat idea! ♥

  4. Oh my goodness, that face! Bahaha, OK that really is a laugh-out-loud one! :)

  5. love the animal cracker idea, I think this weekend I will pick up some cookie cutters and make a few for our lunch boxes

  6. Oh my gosh such a cute photo of your little guy!! Hope all is well !! Cheers my friend!! XO

  7. Great idea with the cookie cutters! I have those same ones. I will have to try that sometime.

  8. great idea for the animal crackers...brilliant!


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