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Saturday, September 25, 2010

ma fete

Is it okay to have chocolate cake for breakfast on one's birthday? I think that it's allowed don't you?
Today is my birthday dear friends and I'm so excited to spend it with my little family and the new friends that we have made up here in the Yukon.
What's on the agenda?...Going out for breakfast with my sweet little boy. I think we are going to have smoothies and breakfast sandwhiches at our favourite cafe (and maybe, just maybe a piece of chocolate cake)....then off to a play date and swimming classes at the Games Centre...then home to get ready for the yummy Indian dinner that we have planned-butter chicken, naan, salad, veggie curry, cake...yum!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I'll be back soon with details of how my birthday turned out.


  1. happy birthday Johanna!
    hope you have an amazing day and of course you can eat all the cake you want!

  2. Happy Birthday! I actually thought it was a requirement to eat birthday cake for it not? ;)

  3. Mmmmmm cake... I should make some.... Happy Birthday Johanna!!! We went to see Walt play football this morning, and now we are enjoying the wonderful sunshine! (which we weren't supposed to get today!!) Summer for sure is gone, and the lovely trees in our yard are turning yellow, my favourite fall colour! Enjoy yourself Johanna, and eat all the cake you want! ♥

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY love! And yes, of course it's ok -- eat all the cake you want! <3

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you got lots of yummy cake, it only comes once a year! xxx

  6. wishing you a very very happy birthday. i love that we are connected that way; having the same birthday and all. hope yours was delightful. enjoy that cake and that darling little one. ooh so so cute.

  7. I definitely think it's ok to have cake for breakfast on your birthday!!


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