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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm loving

Right now I'm loving...going on long autumn walks...the clouds rolling in over the mountains...being creative and surrounding myself with creative friends...sweet potato quesadillas...having guests over for birthday presents in the form of a surprise ball...spending my days with my babe...working towards goals...autumn photo shoots!
What are you loving right now dear friends?


  1. I'm loving your love for autumn!
    Your photos in the previous post are so gorgeous!
    Autumn is creeping in slowly can never go slow enough for me, because I want it to last a long time! :)

    Sending you a hug,


  2. Oh, how I love autumn as well! I am even itching for the Gingerbread latte to show up at Starbucks, which is more of a winter drink! I am loving slow cooker creations and comfort food. It was chilly in Ontario this weekend, so it gave us a taste of fall -- which I don't mind at all.

    And-- please fill me in on what Sweet Potato Quesadillas are. It sounds amazing!!

  3. I love hot chocolate after chilly walks, lunches eaten with kids running/crawling everywhere and planning potlucks!

  4. I'm loving new shoes. And a good book.

  5. Oh yes, autumn weather, warm soups and teas, starting a new knitting project! I love the idea of the gift ball!


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