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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 28 wednesday edition

It seems as though Wednesday is a much better day to post than Tuesday. It just is.

Desiree (left): Last night I returned from a mini vacation at a friend's cottage where I relaxed, went to bed early and ate a lot of ice cream. With two mamas and two adorable babes, we spent two days enjoying each other's company and not worrying about the outside world as we sipped our tea, sat on the porch and watched the little one's playing in their pool. It was too windy to swim in the lake, but it didn't matter. It was exactly what we needed. At exactly the right time.

Johanna (right): This week has been all about exploring our new surroundings. Whitehorse and the surrounding area has so many beautiful spots to go and explore. Whether you like biking on trails, hiking, swimming or are just looking for a spot to go and chill out, you are bound to find a spot closer than half an hour away. This particular photo was taken at Miles Canyon, a particular spot on the Yukon River where the water rushes very quickly. Winslow, Noah and I had decided to go and see this place that we had heard somuch about and couldn't believe how beautiful it was there. The colours were so vibrant and alive

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  1. So good to read of your discoveries around your new home town Johanna. The country is beautiful. I'm enjoying looking at the scenery through your eyes. Great to 'get away from it all'. I love getting out of the city to drive into the country........feels like I'm going on a holiday :) Keep enjoying it all.

    Looks like Desiree has been enjoying getting away from it all too! Just what every Mum needs. Great to come back feeling refreshed.


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