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Friday, August 20, 2010

details from noah's birthday

Since we had had a pretty big pretend birthday party for Noah back in Ottawa where all his family and friends were able to attend, we thought we would just have something really small the day of (just the 3 of us). But as the day approached I just couldn't allow my boy's special day go unnoticed and so we threw together a sort of last minute party, which worked out to be just perfect. Not too much fuss but just enough attention to mark the occasion
So here are a few details from Noah's birthday party. I went with a pretty bright colour scheme, red, yellow, orange and blue. We got out our good china and I bought flowers to brighten up the table and the bunting flags that I made recently added a fun touch.
I made two kinds of cupcakes, one was a carrot/zucchini cupcake with cream cheese icing and the other was an applesauce cupcake with cinnamon buttercream icing, and they were super yummy. I got the recipes for the cupcakes from Martha Stewart's Cupcake Book, it's a pretty awesome book I must say. My dear friend Laura from hamilton had given me a sweet little cupcake decorating package that I used for the occasion, aren't the toppers just so sweet?
So after taking Noah swimming, we had a few friends over and their lil ones. It was a nice afternoon with just the right amount of partying.
All in all it was a lovely day and most importantly, Noah had a good time.


  1. I love this--especially those little animals on the cupcakes. Adorable!

  2. This is so wonderful!!
    Such a perfect, sweet birthday party.
    Happy birthday to your beloved Noah.


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