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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a chill in the air

I may be able to get away with wearing my birks for a few more weeks, but let me tell you, there is definitely a chill in the air here. While my family and friends back in Ontario are still getting warmer temps, here it is going down to 7 at night...and sometimes colder. Folks, I think we have seen summer come and go here up in the Yukon.
It seems that fall is just around the corner and for me I couldn't be happier. Autumn is my favourite time of year by far! With the leaves changing colours, the crisp cool air, my birthday, warm drinks like apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes, and big sweaters...I am definitely a fall girl.
Today I did my first real online shop from llbean and in the back on my mind was that I should be looking for articles that would look pretty, be versatile for the outdoors and be warm. It was fun to pick out clothes that I know will be useful and at the same time will make me feel good to wear.
Also just over the weekend we purchased Noah's winter attire online. We were warned by locals up here to order early to avoid disappointment and I certainly don't want to be disappointed come the beginning of October when it apparently starts to snow here.
But back to the topic of fall, (sorry for wandering away from my original topic), I wanted to show you some pictures from the lovely family walk that we took on Sunday. Just after church we drove over to Long Lake which is about 15 mins away and followed the path around the lake. It was so beautiful there, words just don't give it justice. The perfectly still lake, the fall colours just starting to display themselves, the beauty of the Yukon truly moves me. Oh and to top of our experience that day at the lake, guess what beautiful sound welcomed us upon arrival? Listen to this to hear a version of what we heard....amazing!
Hope you are having a gorgeous week dear friends.


  1. I just love seeing pictures of where you live. It looks peaceful and serene. So much nature! Wow! Beautiful!

    And lucky you...first foliage...yay!

    Thinking of you, in your warm sweater, taking pictures out in the great wide open,


  2. Beautiful pictures. MEC winter wear is the best for kids, I usually find ours used it's and been passed around to cousins and back again. My sister and I pretty musch share a MEC wardrobe for our kids that we pass back & forth as each child grows into and out of things. lol It's worth every penny. oh, and the loons, isn't it a beautiful sound?! We heard them on our camping trip a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to fall asleep listening to the call of the loon.

  3. Goodness, it's beautiful. And I love shopping from LLBean. I always feel like I need to be 10-20 years older for that to be okay, but I'm growing more okay with it.
    You'll have to share your warm weather soups to get us in the mood for fall!

  4. i think fall might be my favorite season, too. it's probably because the temperature finally gets cooler. love the photos!

  5. My, that's beautiful, and so autumnal. I'm secretly jealous... although I do love spending time outdoors, there is nothing that makes me happier than crisp autumn air.

  6. i love autumn, but summer was too fast....

  7. I'm new to your blog. Does your kid have a winter coat too? I didn't see one on the MEC site, but I really recommend Canada Goose for the 'parka'! Yukon winters can get COLD! I don't think you'll be disappointed!

    Well funny thing about the leaves changing colour...they're actually changing colour, DOWN HERE in Ontario! That is so strange, and I honestly don't think that's normal...but then again we have not had a 'normal' year ever since 2010 started. (Mostly that's a good thing because it meant drier days and hotter temps. Not to mention that it pretty much didn't snow at all---I'm talking Toronto area)!!!

    Anyways, I think I will read more of your blog. Life seems interesting in the Yukon. I already follow all the Nunavut blogs! ;-)


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