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Sunday, August 1, 2010

asian night market

After reading about the Richmond Asian Night Market on another blog (can't quite find the particular post), I made sure to put it on our BC to-do list for our trip that we just took. Night markets are apparently quite popular in many parts of Asia, where people go to enjoy all different types of street vendor's foods and to find good deals.The one in Richmond, although much smaller than the real ones in Asia, was still tons of fun.
Winslow, Noah and I walked around for at least 2 hrs sampling different kinds of dumplings, bbq and noodles. I was on a special hunt to find the fish shaped waffles that I had seen in pictures before and to my excitement discovered that they came in three flavours, red bean paste, chocolate cream and vanilla cream....we bought three so that we could sample each flavour.
What else did I get? 4 pairs of earrings for 12 dollars! A steal! Oh and a knockoff buff-good for camping and bad hair days.


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