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Friday, July 30, 2010

i love.....BC edition

I love...
the sea salty air...the cold misty air on my face...finding little treasures on the side of the road like this one... hot soup for dinner on cold evenings...magnificent ancient tress that stand so tall...seeing wildlife (from afar) like the black bear that we saw...eating fresh caught wild fish...wearing Noah everywhere we go...cuddling close with my little babe on the beach and watching him fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean...picnics on the beach...
I love BC!


  1. Wow I love these photos!! BC looks amazing!!

  2. BC looks so wonderful...reminds me of Maine.
    And I took a look at the Wiki link you provided for looks great! Sounds like a city that also has alot of surrounding nature. I hope you guys really end up loving it there.


  3. Ohhhh me too, me TOO! I miss BC. Sigh. Good thing there's a thousand friends and family members to keep me coming back for more. Not like BC couldn't stand on it's own two feet. I'd hang out there even if I didn't know a soul. Having lived there for about 20 years I just can't get it out of my system. Great photos!

  4. You are really good with camera. Love your photos.

  5. "wearing Noah everywhere we go"

    Brilliant writing Johannah!

    Taking that 3rd picture must have been so breathtaking.

  6. jo i love love love that cute little picture of you and noah! you guys look so cozy and the background is perfect. makes me miss BC, i always said if i ever moved back i'd move to the island for sure :)
    hope you guys are enjoying your family time traveling. you're making me want to get back to updating my blog again!


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