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Monday, July 5, 2010

road trippin

It was a long one but happily our last one...the trip back to Hamilton from Ottawa.
With a little one that is becoming more and more mobile, the normal 6 hours drive has recently turned into an 8 and sometimes 9 hours affair with multiple stops along the way.
And while I certainly don't mind making the stops like this one, let's just say that road trippin is probably best left to those that don't have little squirmy 10 month olds.
But if you have to travel with a little one, my tip would be to plan stops along the way, ones that allow for legs to be stretched and bellies to be filled up.
When I mentioned to Winslow that we should stop at the Big Apple along the 401 he got surprisingly excited as he had never stopped there before. The Big Apple is one of those "world's largest" type attractions on the side of the road that offers all kinds of fun kitchy activities like a petting zoo, mini golf and of course a really really big Apple that you can go inside of and climb up to a viewing tower.
Aside from the Big Apple there is also a building with a factory bakery inside that makes thousands of apple pies that are sold on site. So being that we are on summer vacation (well sorta), can you guess what I had for dinner? Yup that's right, I was a bad girl and had apple pie and ice cream for dinner, and I don't care it was good!


  1. I waaaaannnttt that pie!!!

    I seriously just can't even imagine road tripping with my kids. Just the thought of it, gives me an anxiety attack, haha.

  2. Love that photo of all the hanging light fixtures.

    Every busy mum deserves pie and ice cream for supper now and then.


  3. That apple looks like it could roll down the hill Johanna:)
    Not to be outdone......we have a big pineapple and a big banana!
    Thinking of you all as you prepare for your move.

  4. I miss the Big Apple!!!! If only it could be efficiently mailed here!

  5. oh yum! i have cute birki sandals like that. so comfy.


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