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Monday, July 5, 2010

fresh inspiration

Last week my girlfriends (Roxy and Amy), Noah and I had a date for lunch and a trip to the National Gallery of Canada to see the POP Life exhibition. We had heard lots about it and were really excited to go see a show that would feature fresh and fun works of art, a huge difference from last year's summer show.
This is one exhibit that I would recommend for anyone to go see, even for those that don't usually go to the art gallery. It featured art from the 60s and beyond, mostly focussing on art in popular culture (that's what Pop Art means) and the comments that Pop Art makes about commodity, consumerism, style and trends in the world today.
There were many works by Andy Warhol with some of his really funny video installations, as well as art work by many other Pop Artists, some of them being Keith Herring, Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.
With bright colours, flashy advertising type images, video installations, and booming hip-hop music, this is one show that kept my interest going through till the end, but also opened up a dialogue in my mind about the overwhelming presence that pop culture and media have in the world today.
If you are in Ottawa this summer, go see POP Life. I'm certain you will enjoy it.

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