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Thursday, June 3, 2010

inspiration, nature and treasures

After being here for a few days and having the chance to do a bit of exploring, I have come more and more entranced with the beautiful landscape that the Yukon has. It would be accurate to say that I am inspired and the beauty of the land has captivated me. I have dreams and ambitions to create art once again, maybe and hopefully to pick up my paint brushes and create some art based on the beautiful landscapes that I have seen and that I will be seeing more and more of.
I am drawn to the abundance of nature here and hope to find, collect and learn about the many treasures that I will find on my walks. I look forward to having Noah get acquainted with the great outdoors. I want him to feel, touch, smell, hear all that nature has to offer.
If not for any other reason than this, I think that this move to a part of the country that is so close to the wilderness will do a wealth of good for us on so many levels.
I am truly inspired in so many ways.
How about you? What does nature do for your soul? What kind of role does it play in your life?


  1. Nature keeps me calm!! I love going on early morning trail runs and I love to take in the fresh air. xo

  2. that's an alder seed/cone ... beautiful, eh?

  3. the best. i feel so much better sitting by the lake. it is my place to be. how is the house search???

  4. When we were having our first child we had to live in Edmonton for an entire month waiting for him at arrive. I felt so blah and lifeless being around high-rises, vehicles and concrete for so long. I was so happy to fly back to the arctic after that!


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