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Sunday, February 7, 2010

nature table

A collection of recent treasures that I have found on my walks. If you are not familiar with the nature table project, you can catch up by reading this.

Found on my walks this week:

  • grapevine twigs
  • rose hips of all sizes
  • some papery dried flowers
  • other assorted dried flowers
How about yourself? Have you been on any sunny inspiring walks lately? Have you found or admired any of nature's little treasures?


  1. So beautiful! I love the papery flowers...are those hydrangeas? And the rosehips are so bright and pretty.
    I am looking for treasures for my next tiny nature table...but we just got a fresh layer of snow which makes it hard. Next thaw!
    Hope you and Noah are having a cozy weekend.

  2. So lovely -- maybe today I'll be able to grab some little sweets from our park!

  3. thanks really has been a welcome change to have the sun! it was so dark for a few weeks and now that the sun is out, I feel my mood improving with each daily walk! xox

  4. lovely, johanna....

    i have some treasures from a walk on the beach i need to get up.....

    love the natures walks...all of it is wonderful....

    thanks for taking the time to stop by farmhouse....

    sending love,

  5. I love your little nature finds! I think I like these better than the actual blooms!


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