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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dear daddy

Dear Daddy, we miss you so. We are so proud of you for the important work that you do and are so thankful for all that you do for us. Stay safe while you are out on your assignment for the next week. We will be counting down the days till you get back.
We miss you....oh we miss you so.
ps. This is our new carrier. We splurged and bought it because we wanted something that would work well when we do hiking on trails up in the Yukon. Our city stroller won't cut it in the dead of winter. So far we love it. But what's most important is that Noah loves it.


  1. We have a carrier just like that! Cavan loves being packed around in it.

  2. Oh awesome, that looks like a heavy duty carrier- very cool. He looks so tiny in it, hee hee.

    And yay for Daddys :)

  3. What a sweet little note!
    I love the carrier. I bought a used Kelty framed backpack this spring and we have used it so much! It is all we took on our vacation. It was amazing how nice it was not to have the stroller! I LOVE the orange!

  4. how do you like that carrier? i am needing something with more support for hiking as well, now that august weighs over 20 pounds!


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