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Monday, May 10, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 15

Desiree (left): After all the rain we've had this past week the plants in my garden have stretched out to show off their pretty blooms. This makes me a happy mama, and a happy would-be gardener -- a promotion I'd like to earn for myself sometime this summer. In the yard we have three bleeding hearts -- two pink, one white. They are so bright & happy, despite their less than cheerful name, so I decided to bring some inside. I think it's important to bring the outdoors into our homes. We are so connected to this earth, but I think we often forget to consider our literal roots. I want to merge them -- inside, outside, earth, home. It's really all the same in my heart.

Johanna (right):
This week has been an emotional one. Happiness, excitement, nervousness and fear. Very soon we will be moving across the country to the Great White North and right now all I can do is wait for it to happen. I find myself feeling such a host of different emotions and I often catch myself day dreaming of what our new life will be like when we move far away. This last week while trying to handle the news of our upcoming move I found myself taking lot's of walks, just to help clear my mind. Walking does that for me. It helps me clear my mind and sort things out. While out on one of my walks I couldn't help but look up at the gorgeous sky and be amazed by the fast moving clouds. Makes me wonder what the skies in the Yukon will look like.

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  1. The sky in the Yukon is one of my FAVOURITE things about it. I've never seen anything like a Yukon sunset in fall. You'll love it.
    But in the meantime,if you have any questions or just want me to repeat that it will be an awesome adventure over and over again, just send me a message!


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