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Sunday, May 23, 2010

montreal and a wedding pt 1

making the bouquets

Eugenia and Irvine

Eugenia and her beautiful sisters

the rehearsal dinner and Noni fast asleep at it

On the way back to the car

The amazing view from our hotel room!

Where do I even start? This past weekend has been so amazingly magical and I've barely had a chance to sit and collect my thoughts. But I'll try, because I love that fact that as much as I write my posts to share with readers I also write my posts as a way to preserve my memories. So I'll do a bit of a re-cap.
On Friday after a 2hrs trip to a walk in clinic in Orleans and a "it was a mild allergic reaction to his sunscreen" conclusion from the doctor, Winslow, myself and our baby with a rash all over his body jumped in the car and floored it to Montreal to get there in time to help the bride. We were over an hour late, but we got there in time to help Eugenia set up and make the bouquets for her bridal party. And it was a lot of fun.
Then came the dress rehearsal service, no problems everyone did their jobs well and then it was off to the dress rehearsal dinner. It was a lovely dinner at a fantastic bring your own wine restaurant. Mostly it was a great opportunity to mingle with Eugenia and her amazing family. And get this- we brought Noah and he did amazingly well. You can see that he fell asleep on my lap. We left the party a bit early and as we walked back to our car I couldn't help but feel a sense of giddiness and excitement. I was so so happy that my dear friend Eugenia would be getting married to her sweetheart Irvine the next day. I snapped a few pics of the night scene in the neighbourhood where the dinner tool place. Oh how good it felt to be back in the city where I lived for 2 years. Je t'aime Montreal!


  1. Looks wonderful, Johanna! What a beautiful weekend.

  2. Lovely pre-wedding photos Johanna. I love the view from your hotel window, looks like a great city.


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