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Monday, May 24, 2010

friends, apple stuffed crepes, and a bright sunny day

More pictures and details from our amazing trip to Montreal.
Saturday morning was full of fun. We met up with some of my old art school girlfriends and their partners plus baby (Allison&Danny, Miyoshi&Travis&Hadley) for breakfast and a walk around Old Montreal. We had breakfast in a beautiful outdoor courtyard that was surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. This is where I had my apple, cheese, bacon and maple syrup crepe. I forgot to take a photos of it, I know, I know...I ALWAYS take pictures of my food...but you'll just have to trust me when I say it was amazing!
Then Winslow and I took Noah to Boustan's THE BEST place ever to get a shish taouk plate (chicken shawarma). Boustan's for anyone who ever went to university in Montreal is a staple in many a student's diet. Affordable and oh so delicious, it is in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) the best place to get Middle Eastern food. So I was more than excited to watch Noah devour the hummus and shish taouk!
Today we are back on the road, heading back to Hamilton. It's been a great trip home to Ottawa and to Montreal, but now it is back to reality. A house to pack up and details to organize for our move to the Yukon. I'll be back soon with a one more post about the wedding. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday, especially if you are celebrating the long weekend here in Canada.

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  1. What absolutely perfect photos and apple stuffed crepes YUM! xo


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