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Monday, April 12, 2010

thrifting fun

You may remember that back in January I lucked out and I scored two retro Fisher Price toys when I was thrifting one day at Value Village. What I didn't tell you was that I had to leave a really cool toy clock behind because they were asking way too much for it in my opinion.
Well, fast forward to April and wouldn't you know it the toy clock was still there in the glass case. So I went up to the manager, explained that it had been sitting there for at least 3 months and and scored it at 50% off. Yipeee!!!!
It now sits with the others as a well rounded collection in little Noni's room.


  1. Way to go with the art of negotiating! And what a cool looking toy!

  2. Aw, I love these old toys. So cute and retro.

  3. Good for you for negotiating! It is adorable. Fun, fun!

  4. Well done Johanna!
    We have Op.shops (opportunity shops) here in Melbourne. They are run by volunteers for charity e.g.Salvation Army, Asthma Assoc. etc. People donate goods to be sold. There are also local markets which sell everything from fruit and veg. to used furniture. As well, folk have garage sales held at week-ends where they remove their cars and use their garages to sell all of the 'stuff' they no longer want/need.

  5. No way! Love that clock. Awesome!


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