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Sunday, April 11, 2010

the stuff that life is made of

Noah and Elle

Noah and Hadley


Oh it's been a fun filled busy weekend with all kinds of exciting things. First on Friday night I had my Momma and my Aunt B over for dinner (My mom was on her way to Ottawa and will be coming back to Hamilton this Friday for a real visit- yay- so excited). It was a chilly night so I made chicken cacciatore, garlic bread, salad and an apple crisp...good ol' comfort food!
Then on Saturday we had our family photos taken by this talented gal. I was so excited to get our family photos done because believe it or not, we have never had someone take official photos for any of the special events that have taken place in our lives (this includes our wedding!). I should be clear, my cousin Julia who is an amazing photographer did take our wedding photos, but she did so out of the goodness of her heart and wasn't hired as an official photographer.
Anyhow, so on Saturday we had our photos taken and it was all so great but guess who refused to crack a smile. Yes that's right, my darling sweet smiley little angel would not even once crack a smile. Well okay he smiled once and I mean only once and that's when he was hoisted up his Daddy's shoulders. That apparently makes him smile. Oh well! I'm sure they will be great. We are really looking forward to seeing them.
Also on Saturday we visited with some old art school buddies of mine, their partners and one cute little babe by the name of Hadley- she was so incredibly sweet! Good food, wine, good chats, good music....a lovely afternoon!
Today we did things like go to the park with Noah. We also went for a walk and Noah decided that he did not want to sit in his stroller so we had to carry him. We went out for lunch and then had milkshakes. Then in this evening we had to say goodbye to Daddy because he is off for block training this week. Basically he is refreshing his police officer's good to brush up on that stuff once in a while don't cha think?
Other things? We've had some fun play dates- Noah got to see his girlfriend Elle last week. I've been sewing and loving it! Been thrifting a bit, I'll show you what I got tomorrow. Been purging old unwanted stuff. Been walking lots and taking pics of beautiful blossoms.....that's about it. A bunch of stuff. Maybe not the most exciting stuff, but the stuff that life is made of.
How about you? Have you been up to anything exciting? What's new in your life?


  1. Well you've been quite busy. How exciting to have your pictures taken. I would really like to have good family photos taken some time...
    We've been busy with some spring cleaning, impromptu neighborhood parties, and family get-togethers. I'm hoping for more cleaning, purging, and organizing this week as well as a bit of sewing time if I get the rest done!

  2. I never get bored of your beautiful pictures and posts.

  3. PS. Do you have a blog button hiding from me somewhere? I'd love to add it to my sidebar :)

  4. Thanks friends!
    Tia- actually I don't have a blog button.....should I? How do you go about creating one? xox

  5. Sounds like a really great week! The dinner you cooked sounds amazing.


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