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Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's a colourful! Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day dear friends and also today's colour is green.....hmmmm coincidence? Well thought out Kerry!
Today I made sure that we got to spend some time outdoors, enjoying and taking in the beautiful natural world that is around us. I just love seeing Noah play outside. I love seeing him feel and sometimes taste the grass. I love watching him experience the nature that is around him,
And a little side note...I am writing this post as we are sitting out in the backyard.
Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day.Happy Earth Day!


  1. Love your green shots Johanna! We've been having fun with the color days too!

  2. gorgeous Johanna!
    love the colour & the beautiful pics!
    have fun

  3. LOVE these images -- just wonderful!

  4. love all your gorgeous wooden toys

  5. happy earth day to you too, sweetie:). noah is just so adorable!! i can't get over it:). luna likes to eat grass too, but it makes her sick:). i love your photos. i've missed you and am glad to be back here to see the lovely colors and read the sweet stories of noah and your life. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  6. Beautiful greens! I did plan that one out, I admit! I had most of the day to myself and spent most of it outside. It was glorious.

  7. That top picture is just stunning. I love it!

  8. I hope my kids like to be outside as much as I do. Green is my favorite color.


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