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Friday, April 2, 2010

happy friday

Happy Friday, although Good Friday is not a happy celebration. Still it is hard not to enjoy all of the beauty there is in this world, today it is supposed to be a very warm +21 or so.
We are going to continue in our "family week" celebrations. Wins has been home since Tuesday which has been very nice.
Today on the agenda: baking "almond joy" macaroons (thanks for the idea Bear), visiting a brand spankin' new delicious little baby girl by the name of Maillie (love that spelling) and also a family picnic!
Here are a few pics from yesterday. I took Noah out on our front lawn while Winslow was cleaning up his bike (motorcycle). I spread out the blanket I made for him before he was born and he rolled around and pulled and ripped at the grass. It was a lovely time. Later on we went for a walk on a forest trail and stopped by a look out at a beautiful waterfall. All in all, a beautiful day!
Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. We are really looking forward to lot's of good food and some weekend adventures. Thought I'd leave you with two things. One is my friend Desiree's weekly Fawned Friday post....this week's instalment is really fun. The second is the idea of a mail swap. I posted about it yesterday. Leave me a comment if you are interested in this! Happy weekend friends!


  1. I love that you can see the wire in the last pic- like your bird is just hanging up there!:) Happy Easter to you, too, Johanna.

  2. what sweet pictures...
    stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter...


  3. wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow Johanna

  4. What a cutie. Yumm, shoes for dinner.


  5. He is such a doll! Your treasures from the mail swap are so much fun!


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