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Monday, March 8, 2010

we are home

We are home and boy oh boy does it ever feel good. It feels right. It feels like, home!
And as much as I just want to sit around and relax in my surroundings it feels like there is a million things that I have to catch up on. Mail, groceries, unpacking, cleaning, and purging. On top of this growing list is a baby boy who is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to all the changes. I really feel guilty about all the to and from business that Noah has had to go through lately. I've been doing my best to keep him on a schedule but still the poor kid has been through so much. I'm feeling bad- a mother's guilt. I expect it will take us at least a week to get back into a routine of some sort. For today I will start with the suitcases and see what else can get done. Oh and a walk...a walk is definitely on our to-do list, it's just too beautiful not to.
So I will sign off with a "good day to you" and this photo taken yesterday of Noah spending his last few minutes at his grandparent's house. It was a semi sweet goodbye. Sad to say goodbye but happy to be getting back to our lives.
Don't forget to check out my and Desiree's weekly project tomorrow! It's should be a good one!


  1. Welcome home! I'm sure it feels great! Go easy on yourself... a mothers guilt is relentless! :)

  2. Oh I never get tired of seeing your little boy's smile!

    Take heart--the routine will come. It'll take some time but eventually, things will get back on track!

  3. Isaiah usually gets a little off track (we tend to have to travel a lot) but within a few days he's back to normal. It's important for kids (and you) to go out and see the world and family. The kidos adjust as long as you're normally consistent which you say you are. Enjoy being home. I know that's a good one :)

  4. Going back to the old routine can sometimes be so hard, but in a few days you'll be all settled in :) Having cute baby faces like that around make the transition so much easier, doesn't it?

  5. a sweet smiley little boy! what a lovely photo! you are right, it is always nice to come home...
    i also just wanted to say thank you for your sweet heartfelt comment on my blog. i have found such strength in the encouragment and kindness i have felt from people like you. xo.
    welcome home.


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