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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 6

Desiree (right): I love days when my partner doesn't have to go to work. I love spending time at home as a family; reading books from Gretchen's shelf, laying on the floor, having real conversations. This week we've enjoyed several days together with our little one and it makes me feel so rejuvenated to have him here. I feel really fortunate that when Ryan goes to work, I still miss him everyday. Call it corny, call it sappy -- I call it something else. Lately we've been thinking about making some changes when it comes to work. Soon things will shift: money, time, responsibility, life in general. Sometimes you needs to push plans into motion, and other times you have to wait and see where the cards may fall.
Johanna (left):While away from my home for five weeks I picked up a few new items for Noah's room and was so excited to come home and reorganize the display that is over his change table. On the floating shelf are some vintage toys and globes that I carefully sought and picked out just for him. Some were found while thrifting and some were given as gifts. I think that they look so sweet in his room, a perfect room for a little boy. This is a corner in my son's room that I really like and I wanted to take a picture of it to have as memory.


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