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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 8

Johanna (left): Realizing that soon I won't be living in this beautiful old town I've been trying to take in more notice of my surroundings, the cityscape, the old buildings, the general feel of Hamilton.
Last week while downtown on a beautiful day I looked up and saw this on the side of an old building. I can't quite decide if it is an old ghost sign from years gone by or if it is some kind of graffiti? Either way I love the look of how the word lithographers has been painted on the side of the building. It leaves me wanting to know more. Is it an old lithography studio or workshop? Or is it the work of a guerilla type artist who wants to bring awareness to the art form? How
I love Hamilton and all of the artist hard working types that live and work here.

Desiree (right): I've been feeling rather domestic this week -- doing lots of cleaning and cooking, rearranging, crafting and decorating. I really love cooking simple yet elaborate seeming meals. Lately we've been enjoying lots of curry dishes -- which our daughter loves, thank goodness -- and which are so full of my favourite vegetables. Until this afternoon I kept nearly all of our fruit and veggies in a blue, mesh, hanging basket. It was pretty, and kitschy and today as I filled it with mangoes and squash it crashed down and rained produce down on my head, and -- thankfully -- only landed beside Gretchen who was sitting on the kitchen floor. Sigh. I now feel at a loss without my basket, so I suppose I'll be on the hunt for a new one. This time I'll try not to burden it so. At least the curry was a bigger success.

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