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Friday, February 26, 2010

words to live by

About two years ago I painted a very special painting for my aunt and her partner Jo. It was of a tree of life, something that Jo wanted in honour of her mother. The painting was a large image of a tree with leaves and inside the leaves were words, inspirational words to live by.
Unfortunately I only have a really crappy picture to show you and I mean really crappy...but I guess I'll post it so that you get the idea.
That painting has often been the departure point for other works of art that include inspirational words. More recently I have been mostly been working in my sketchbook. Although I do love painting, I find it very hard right now to find the time to devote to it. For me, painting requires both hands and no interruption and that's something that I just don't have much of these days. Someday, someday as Noah gets to be more independent I will have more time for bigger projects. But for the time being I am enjoying working in my sketchbook/journal. I really enjoy leafing through all the sketches I have done over time.
And so I wanted to share my most recent sketch with you of some colourful leaves. I was inspired by a photo that I saw on this post. I chose to put some words inside the leaves that mean something to me right now, at this moment in my life. The words that I chose were:
  • embrace
  • life
  • be thankful
  • protect
  • love
  • create
  • from the heart
  • beauty
  • simple things
  • sense of self
  • joyful
  • a new day
  • escape
  • be patient
These words, or grouping of words reflect what I am feeling presently. I'm a firm believer in honouring and respecting your own feelings and would recommend to anyone that is feeling overwhelmed with their feelings to just write down what is one their mind. It feels good.
So....if you could narrow your present feelings down to a few words, what would those words be?
Hope you are having a happy Friday friends!


  1. Beautiful painting and great words to live by.

  2. love this post

    my words:
    truth (have it tattooed on my wrist)
    be romantic
    be a realist
    be grounded
    be thankful
    be gleeful
    persistence pays
    hug hard

  3. I really love that painting -- so beautiful. And such great words to live by!

  4. Words to live by...writing down our feelings when we are overwhelmed is good medicine, and it is free.

    Beautiful art, words and blog. :)


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