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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mailman is here!

Hi hi! I hope that your Wednesday is a happy and sunny one. I'm here to announce the winners (yep, winners) of the giveaway I decided to pick two because the entries were so great. I wish wish wish that I could've picked more but, sigh, I couldn't. So without further adieu.......

The winners are

Tia from Christopher and Tia (a GREAT blog by the way!)
who said "Honestly I probably wouldn't send them, I'd probably put them on display as artwork in my house. "


Aimes! (Amy)
who writes "I will send one each month to my sister, aka my bf. she has moved to Taiwan and I miss her terribly. I know her white walls are bare, so this will be a perfect way to send her a note plus little piece of art to brighten up her apartment. "

Ladies, I'll be in touch with you soon so that I can get your addresses and such.
Thank you so much for joining in on the giveaway. I always enjoy hearing from you all.

Happy Wednesday! xox


  1. alksjdl;kj!!!!!!

    Thats a heap of excitment bursting out in the form of type, if you couldn't tell.

    YAY!! I can't wait!

    Thank you thank you!

  2. congrats to the winners!! love the painting above.
    : )

  3. Oh and yes congrats to Tia and Amy! xox


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