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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Giveaway and there's something you should know about me...

A true fact....I never went past grade 10 math. It's a bit embarrassing but after years and years of struggling with a learning disability in math, I was finally excused and was put out of my misery. I am not being dramatic when I say math made me miserable. Numbers, equations, was just too abstract for me and to this day I sometimes secretly use my fingers to add.
Anyways why am I sharing this bit of info about me? Well I was hoping that this would be my excuse for messing up on my blog's birthday. I was a month too early when I jumped the gun last week and said that today would be my blog's birthday. Oooops! So I thought I would blame it on my math disability. Okay so really I am making excuses....letting my disability be an excuse for my lack of attention. Excuses. Excuses.
But that doesn't mean that I forgot that I would do a! I'm still gonna do it AND I will do a different giveaway next month too (on the actual birthday).
So this giveaway is a set of my photo note cards. I did a little tutorial a while back on how to make these and I ended up doing them as Christmas gifts this year. They are blank inside and signed by me. They come in a set of four and are tied up all pretty with ribbons.
So to enter the giveaway you need to do two things. One- become a "follower" of my blog. Just go over to the side where you see followers and then do what blogger tells you to do. The second thing? Tell me what you will use the cards for. You have until Wednesday to enter.
Here's a few pics of what you will see on this set of note cards....


  1. Awe, I am definitely a bum when it comes to math -- it's just not my strength, and I've come to terms with it!

    I'm so excited for you new giveaway though ^_^ I'd send nice little thank you notes with them after baby g's birthday in a couple weeks!

  2. Math and I definitely don't get a long! I also count on my fingers, and I made a C in Calculus, which I hated. Don't feel bad. We're not all cut out for math.

  3. i too am horrible at math. sometimes i glance over my students' math work when they are in my class and it makes my stomach hurt... seriously. then i get over it and tell them to do their English, math was last period.

    these note cards are beautiful! i am a post sending fool and would use them to write little notes to people ... isn't mail wonderful?

  4. Love the note cards! I would use them to send some notes to a couple of friends to let them know how much I appreciate them. :) <3, Melissa Dalere

  5. Even though I did a bit of University math..I still need to use my fingers, and shhh, but I never learned all of my times tables..that's what calculators are for! :)

    I think I would use them to write notes to my daughter, maybe something to remind her and me of her first few months when she is older!

  6. I failed pre algebra twice. Me and math don't get along either :(

    Ooh, I could use some new notecards!! I'm already a faithful follower, and hmmm, what would I use them for...

    Honestly I probably wouldn't send them, I'd probably put them on display as artwork in my house.

  7. I will send one each month to my sister, aka my bf. she has moved to Taiwan and I miss her terribly. I know her white walls are bare, so this will be a perfect way to send her a note plus little piece of art to brighten up her apartment.

    I used your tutorial to make and give gift cards this past Christmas. I used images from my art project seen here:
    I used black paper, so included metallic pens to write on them. thanks for the super idea Jo!

  8. I was really REALLY bad in math. I think they gave me a pity pass so I'd graduate.

    I'm a follower and I think I'd use them as special notes for no reason to mail out. Unless I got greedy and put them on my wall instead. :)

  9. oh, don't worry about it! math is my worse subject. but now look at all the things you are good at! : ) i think i would hang them from a string, on my wall. Or send them as thank you notes, to the ones i love.
    they are beautiful!
    : )

  10. I just wanted to mention that I've always sucked at math. I only took basic math up to the day I graduated.

  11. Math dyslexia is real. Come check out - nonprofit support forum :)


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