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Friday, December 11, 2009

what chilly days are made of

When it gets cold outside, staying home and being cozy takes on a whole new meaning.
It's 2 weeks until Christmas and things are busy busy. Yesterday I made these amazingly, chewy and delicious cheesecake brownies...seriously they are good. I ended up giving most of them to our new neighbours because honestly if they were sitting in my fridge they'd be gone and really I don't need that. So we kept a few but gave most away. I figure that's a good solution.
Also I got most of my cards sent off. I think we just have one more! It was fun, stamping, stickering and addressing. Noah ended up with glitter all over him.
So how have you been spending your days leading up to Christmas? Baking? Making? Do tell.


  1. send some of those brownies this way please!

  2. awwww...wish we could share some over a starbucks latte! thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is just looks like the perfect day!
    Yes, creating and mailing and enjoying family.
    And hot chocolate.
    Yes indeed!
    I love your blog

  4. oh my, i feel loved. christina...i adore your blog! xox


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