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Saturday, December 12, 2009

just me and my journal

Do you keep a journal or is that too grade 8? I've kept them on and off all my life, but more than ever I love having a journal. Currently my journal is part sketchbook, part collage book, part running to-do lists, and some writing. I don't have any rules about it and really what ever I want goes in it. Ticket stubs, ideas,'s my place to keep my thoughts safe and recorded.
Here are a few little "peeks" into my journal. Oh and a little endorsement...I love Ecojot journals. For one they are a Canadian company. Second everything is 100% recycled paper. The inks they used are vegetable based (biodegradable) and the mill used to produce their journals runs on biogas harnessed from a near by landfill!!! Oh and third, the illustrations/graphics are oh so cute. I love Ecojot and wouldn't mind if Santa brought me a new sketchbook from them!


  1. I don't carry a journal for the sole purpose that I don't think I'd ever write in it. My sisters always kept a journal whenever they were younger, so I think I had one back in 4th grade or so that had a plastic lock (I do believe it was Lisa Frank). :) That's why I like blogging so much-it's my online journal. I get to write down stories and ideas in a way that I'll be able to look through the archives and see all my stored memories.

    I don't have an email address on my blog for the sole reason that I'm horrendous at replying to people's emails. If you have a photography question for me you can just leave it in my comments and I'll make sure to get back to you {if you want me to email you}. I'm flattered that you have a question for me-my knowledge of photography is amateur at best:)

  2. I have that exact same journal ^_^

  3. I have kept journals since I was a little girl, and i adore them. Some of them are filled, some half empty. I always pick them up, where ever I go.
    As soon as I opened your blog and saw your page~ Swoon!

    And you just know, I must try one of these journals now. ; )
    Journals really are the lovelies, of obsessions of mine.

  4. what an adorable journal :p i keep one too!!

    and to answer your question on my blog, the photo was actually taken somewhere in between new york and new jersey, i was on a road trip :)

  5. Don't worry, not only you. I do too. Mine consists of bits of everyday life, to do lists, inspiring quotes, some ideas and lots of ramblings!

    This remind me, a new year, a new journal too! x

  6. I've always kept one. Not really consistantly but I've always had one. Now I have three. And you must check this out if you haven't seen it on my blog.


    Do you know where to order them online??? I want to get blank ones. The ones I have, have lines in them and the next ones I'd like to be more like sketchbooks.

    Shout me a line if you do! :)

    PS-oh how I'd LOVE for a PEEK inside them. For inspiration for all. Hint Hint!


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