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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a quiet Christmas moment

We've been dog sitting for some friends of ours while they are in BC and it's been quite the experience. Let me tell you, it's not easy taking care of a pup and a babe all day but if we were to take care of any dog I'm glad its Socks, because he is one well behaved lil guy.
I think my favourite part of the day with him has to be at night time. It's when Papa and Noan stay back and I get to take Socks out on my own.
Last night we had a lovely walk. The snow was blowing and all the Christmas lights were lit. It was quiet and still. All I could hear were my own thoughts. The air was cold against my freshly washed face and I was warm while wearing a pair of my mom's hand knit woollen socks. It was beautiful and I loved every second of it. This is the kind of quiet Christmas moment that I cherish.


  1. Quiet Christmas moments are hard to come by, aren't they?

    I didn't realize how stressful the holidays are, until this year. Now that I'm the one that has to make the magic happen, rather than absorb it, I see how much work it can be.

    I need a quiet Christmas moment.

  2. ha! isn't that the truth! now that its up to us to make everything come's busy busy busy! i hope you can find a breather!


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