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Sunday, December 20, 2009

a busy homestyle weekend

Ouuwee I've been busy and by busy I mean I've been making and baking up a storm!
Peppermint bark, chocolate walnut fudge, sugar cookies, and ginger spice cookies- oh my! All kinds of yumminess making their way into cellophane baggies tied up ribbons!
A little weekend re-cap....
Friday night I made the peppermint bark and fudge.
Saturday we did some last minute shopping and thrifting. I scored these beauties- all for a dollar! I especially love the turquoise ones. They would look lovely on an aluminium Christmas tree- it is my dream that maybe someday I'll come across one for an unbeatable price. We also went out for a delicious brunch at my favourite spot. I had eggs benny with smoked salmon-yum! Later that night I watched Christmas specials on tv while wrapping prezzies.
Sunday (today) we went to church in the morning. The church was filled with candles and I loved singing along to all the Christmas carols. It was a nice break from the Christmas business...a nice reminder of what Christmas is all about. We then came home and I've been up to my eyes making ginger spice cookies for my friend Erin's cookie exchange tomorrow. See what I mean by busy? Phew!
How was your weekend? Anything one special thing? Or a bunch of little special things?
Wishing you a joyful week ahead!


  1. Its almost Christmas, its almost Christmas!!!

    Love this post :)

  2. Don't you love the break that church provides. Whether it be half an hour or two hours it's an escape and a way to refocus and reconnect with God.

    On another note-that ribbon is so wonderfully whimsical! Have a good week, Miss Johanna!

  3. Yay, its almost Christmas! can't you just feel the excitement?

  4. oh gosh, all those lovely baking names are making me hungry!! Gotta do some baking in the next few days :)
    Cute blog!


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